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  • CNC Machinist

    • Day Shift

    • Night Shift​

  • Maintenance Apprentice

  • Quality Control Manager

Jobs & Careers:

For employment opportunity please send your resume to

At E. J. Reynolds we place a strong emphasis on the development of new services, capabilities and technologies to assist clients with meeting their rapidly evolving challenges. E.J. Reynolds is committed to doing our part to ensure we fuel a better tomorrow. E. J. Reynolds empowers greater safety, reliability, and operational and economic efficiency.

At the root of these advancements and our company’s continued success, is a team of incredibly talented, experienced, and knowledgeable engineers, technicians, and specialists. We're problem solvers, risk takers, innovators, and thought leaders. We challenge ourselves to get smarter and sharper every day, are committed to personal and professional growth, and believe in celebrating our successes.

We are continually looking for motivated, determined and inventive people to join our team. Our continued growth equates to tremendous opportunities for candidates in all career stages. You bring your skills, experience and passion, and we will equip you with the training and tools you need to succeed.

Get Hired​

E. J. Reynolds is always on the lookout for experienced people who are driven to find innovative solutions to meet our clients’ challenges. Discover all the places you can work, all the diverse people you can collaborate with and the issues you can help solve.

We invite you to explore it all.

Experience Wanted

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